Course 1 – Final Project – Geography Detectives

Background – I came across Mrs. Yollis’s classroom blog, where she blogged about a fantastic idea to use technology and turn students into “geography detectives”. I knew it would be a great addition to our “Where We Are in Place and Time” Unit of Inquiry, so I bookmarked it. During this unit, myself and my colleagues asked our parent community, and our own community to help us. We wanted people to either come into class and present about their home country, or help us make a connection via Skype with a friend or family member in a foreign country.   I made some adjustments to the roles students played, and we were off!

Technology used: Skype, Interactive Whiteboard, iPads, iMacs.

Lesson Reflection – This lesson went really well. Our mystery guests were from Ecuador. The questioning of our mystery callers was impressive and I heard many sophisticated questions, showing they were listening to their peers, and to our callers to find out their location. Their use of technology was effective, and they were able to figure out the location of our caller.

You can see some photos of this lesson here.


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