Changing Thoughts

Reading the articles for Week 2 has been interesting. I especially connected to the article about Bloom’s Taxonomy Digitally. It was refreshing to see some of the things I’m already doing in my Year 2 (1st grade) classroom, blogging, searching and responding were in there. I must say I was especially happy to read that some of the Logo programming I was doing with my class using the Purple Mash Logo suite was high up there in the creating, as was the Stykz animations we have been working on. Yay! Score 1 for me in the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy! Integrating technology is, at times, a lonely place and  it was gratifying to know that what I am doing is benefitting the kids in such a higher level thinking way.

I connected with the section about “Messing Around”  in MacArthur’s Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project. I also do quite a bit of tinkering and exploring different areas that I am interested in. In a way, I think my thoughts are changing because I have felt previously that seeing teenagers “Mess Around” was a negative thing. I suppose a part of me still thinks that teens do need some sort of supervision, but I can see how tinkering and exploring can lead to actually productive things in the future.



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