If you give them a link, they will want to click it..

The BIG thought for the week was from my CoETAIL class was:

reflect on your own personal use of the internet and how you use the connection and power of hyperlinks

To reflect on my own personal use of the internet is certainly a HUGE undertaking for me.  I use it all the time!!  I use it in every aspect of my life.  I use it to:

Wordle: Why I use the internet

I can not imagine my life now without it.  I did enjoy a week in the Himalayas without it, but for an extended period of time would be very hard.  I use several different divices when I use the internet as well.  I use my phone, my laptop, my i-pad, my desk top…this list could also go on forever.

Hyperlinks DO NOT help the matter either.  They are great to have, it makes it so much easier than going back and trying to figure something, just click on the hyperlink!  However it takes skill to manage your time and not click and get side tracked form your original purpose.  I think Hyperlinks are a lot like the book:

If you give us a link we will click on it and find a new page that will remind us of something else and then we will see another link and click on it and then another and another AND maybe eventually we will remember why we started clicking to begin with and come back around to the same page….but with ALL that is on the internet.. that is an awfully big circle.

In all, hyperlinks so help us.  We are able to give people credit for what they did not just by name anymore but by linking to the entire article or blog.  I can’t imagine NOT having hyperlinks.  So in conclusion… I think hyperlinks have become extremely powerful in the way we handle information on the internet and I for one am grateful for them!!

One thought on “If you give them a link, they will want to click it..

  1. Avatar of Karen RobbKaren Robb

    Loved your post! This one of my favourite book series and not because I enjoy it so much but because my own children and my students love it so much. I really enjoy watching how they react when we read it and how funny they think it is. Your analogy to the use of hyperlinks is spot on. Your blog post could have been about me. One of the things I do love about using hyperlinks is that I always open them in a new tab (right click on the link and select open in new tab) and then as I read the information I can close the tab. It is kind of like crossing of a to do list. I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I have more than 10 tabs open but I don’t want to miss out on anything and I love the feeling of clicking that X and closing them down when I have finished a browsing session.


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