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    Hi, I’ve been thinking about starting to work on the final project, and yet I can’t really find a description of it. All I see is the mention on the grading template of a blog post with an embedded project/lesson plan, and the rubric. Is there an actual description of the project somewhere?

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    Meghan, just watched the video Jeff posted on the COETAIL site. Maybe you have as well by now. In it he explains in more detail what they are looking for.

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    It’s due March 18th, right? Ah, just as my report cards are due.

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    @dekokera, how about summarizing the video? Just because I didn’t come out of it with a clear sense of what to do.

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    I posted this on the Group Wall when I should have posted here-

    I’ve read the Course 1 Project Rubric and reviewed two sample projects, but just to clarify: the project is that we design a unit that incorporates technology (such as the tools we’ve learned about in course 1), right? So as a history teacher, I might design a unit on the Renaissance and Reformation that uses technology to communicate content and assess the students? The rubric mentions including a rubric used to evaluate student work, but none of the examples I saw had that… just want to make sure I’m clear on what we’re making.

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    More clarifying, are we supposed to use the NETS standards? My school doesn’t use them, but we have our own tech standards. @jtecht, what is the requirement? I am going to post mine today or tomorrow on creating persuasive podcasts.

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    Yes, I’m a bit confused as well. Especially in the GRASP part – are we supposed to write it as if we are writing it for students to read? I’m also confused as to which standards, as Sarah wrote.

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    Near as I can tell, it’s deceptively simple: Make a UbD unit plan that uses technology for content acquisition and creation/assessment. Include a rubric for at least one of those assessments. Make sure your standards align with state content/skills and NETS. Post/embed the UbD in your blog, along with a description of the project. Some posts include a final reflection on the course, but I believe this could also be a separate 5th blog post.

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    Thanks Matt, that is pretty much what I did. Although I didn’t see a rubric on anyone else’s work examples (at least the ones I looked at) so I didn’t include one. Hmmmmm.

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