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About Grant

Point Dexter is my hero

Hi there,

I am excited about the prospects of this COETAIL Course to really see how I can authentically, build a collaborative world for myself in my teaching and for my students.

I am currently a Grade Three Teacher at the American School in Japan. I am here with my three kids and wife and it has been a great experience with a few testing moments about living overseas, especially in the last six months.

I left teaching many years ago and worked in the private sector as an operations manager

for a number of years.  I am so glad I left teaching as it truly made me understand my passion for developing learners. It’s a great feeling when you know this is what you were meant to be.

My other interests are coaching soccer, staying physically active and playing music, which has had to go on the burner for awhile. Trying to juggle it all sometimes ends up with all the balls on the floor.

You can find my other blog (temporarily suspended) at http://chewingover.wordpress.com/

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