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Connect the dots.com

May 9, 2012

This was an interesting prompt.  I think hyperlinking has become so unconscious, so part of my experience online, both as a consumer and provider, that it is almost second nature.

Stepping back from it and reflecting made me figuratively (*sidenote – I can’t stand when people say literally when they mean figuratively) gasp.  How could I live without it?

My go to, flipboard.com is constantly taking me on new journeys.

Also, discovr, helps me diverge into new musical sounds and eats any spare time I thought I might have.

Once where there was word of mouth or an obscure reference, we now find an opportunity to continue to build our knowledge, discover and diverge our experiences online.


Don’t you hate coming across links that don’t work? So frustrating…(are we that impatient now?)

Those links can be used like pieces of bread taking us to the gingerbread house without even realizing it. Tip of the hat to the coding geniuses who worked out those algorithms and wag of the finger to those who use them for evil marketing campaigns or to take over the world.

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