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Empathy not technology

April 27, 2012

Bully Free Zone
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As I read Dad banning txts I was thinking how we always clamp down the dictatorial approach when something new arrives; our beliefs don’t mesh; or we just don’t understand what is important to other groups in societies.  Why couldn’t we sit down with those invested and, as Socrates et al set up – establish new social norms. MS or HS students set up the norms and socially accepted usage through argument and justification – like we do when “oppression” rains down on us.  We have all tried to stick it to the man during our lives….now we are the man.

To me, the article Bullying has little…. resonated the most with me.  Empathy and bullying are not issues related to techonology but society. Cyber bullying, is bullying.  How do we deal with that? Poorly as schools and societies in general.  Who needs the help? Like most situations, the bully.  The problems are the same – heartache and depression on both sides of the relationship.  The need is not the use or misuse of technology one but how society is equipped to support those crying out for help albeit manifested.

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One Response to Empathy not technology

  1. Rock Hudson on May 3, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Nice reflections. Dad banning his daughter from texting! Does his daughter really have a problem, texting too much, 100 text per day? For me dad is the one who perhaps has the problem. Yes 10 years ago kids may have got on the phone and chatted to their friends for hours (dad would have probably band phone calls as well). This is 2012 and texting is the way people (kids) communicating. It is too easy to say no to things new or things we don’t understand. Rather than understanding it, discuss it and taking the time to learn. Bullying is something that really makes me sad, angry and frustrated. Being a parent of two children I worry that my child could be bullied or bully another child. Whether you are the bully or the child being bullied I feel our schools and society need to do more to help both. Bullying is a big problem and has been around long before technology.

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