Technology Standards

ISTE’s NETS for Students (NETS•S)

8 months later and we have approved technology standards for KA-8. We began the process by looking at what other schools were using and decided to base our standards off Arizona’s 2009 Educational Technology Standards, which is based off the NETS for Students 2007. We met several times through out the year to look at the standards and decide which ones we wanted to keep, delete, or tweak to meet our needs. The principals looked them over, stamped their approvals, and now they are being uploaded to Rubicon Atlas.

Next steps:


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  1. Avatar of Chris Fox Chris Fox says:

    Great job Nancy. This has been a long time coming. So many curriculums have been revamped at TAS, this is perfect timing. I’m sure with excitement comes a lot of work. Is there a timeline to get the standards embedded? Also, with the tools and opportunities changing so fast, I’m sure this will ALWAYS be a work in progress. Looking forward to the process over the years.

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