Holiday over – Time to Get Back to Work and Back to Course Work

Now that I am back home after a week spent in Sicily, I see there is much work to be done.  Creative Commons licenses, copyright issues, cyberbullying, and on-line footprints will certainly keep me hopping.  I read Kim Komando’s “Your online reputation can hurt your job search.”  Then I went in search of myself.  I found myself on three sites, all of which I expected:  Linkedin, Google+, and Coetail.  There were two Gwen Martin’s on Facebook but neither was me.  Linkedin had 24 other Gwen’s.  Some were very impressive.  I found nothing starling, but I didn’t dig very deep.  After reading Kim’s article and some of the flap in the news about employers demanding passwords, I have decided that my goal of retirement in three years might be better than I thought.  Searching for a new job now could be scary.

I am looking forward to course 2 very much.  I am in the midst of talking about cyberbullying with the 4th and 5th graders, so hoping for some good tips.  We will talk about the good things about the internet and the not so good, as well as how to present yourself well.  All of which ties in with this course perfectly.  What a deal for me!

Congrats to James and to all of those just starting or looking forward to spring break “enjoy it as much as I did mine”.  Rejuvenate and be ready for the push to summer.