General ramblings of a Wednesday mind

On the whole I like Wednesdays.  My lightest teaching day, which means I have time to plan, both individually and with teachers; try to catch up on library admin chores; check out some sites for future units; and to sneak in some Coetail coursework.  Today, however, feels like a Friday.  Maybe since yesterday was such a knockout day and that the sun is stubbornly refusing to show itself.  Thankfully, the kinders responded to Robert Munsch’s book, Purple, Yellow and Green.  Who doesn’t love Robert Munsch.

If you need a good video on computer safety and how to be more secure check out Nate’s Computer Safety video.  It is posted on Joyce Valenza’s blog, the Never Ending Search.  Nate is a student that expanded a report into a video.  I intend to use this with teachers and parents in the future.

Working on my final project for course one.  The best part is that I am collaborating with a third grade teacher.  The hard part is the organizing my thoughts and ideas in a manner others can make sense of.  As a teacher of many years (previously referred to as old fart), I usually just give myself sketchy notes and phrases on what I am doing and then work up more concrete things for the students.  I understand my doodles and scribbles.  Hard to make them coherent.  I have asked my fellow cohort member here at ACST to have a look.  I fear I may be off the mark.  I do have an entire week to re-do.

After reading about messing & geeking around and reading about flipping attitudes, I am trying to be more open to the games allowed in the library during recess and after school.  Pretty much been “no games” during the school day and “school appropriate” games after school.  I have been letting the games in all day for about 2 weeks.  The kids think they are sneaking them.  Why not let them think that?  Today a group was looking at Anime drawings and getting frustrated that they couldn’t copy them in another document.  I gently asked if they were pasting some copyrighted material without permission.  “RATS!”  Then, one of the 5th graders that had worked so hard searching for royalty free pictures earlier piped in, ‘Whoa man, what if that was your design?  Do you want someone ripping you off?”  Hmm.  I still am smiling.

On a related note, the gamers think I am lame in my game selection and abilities.  My addiction is Marble Lines.  Consensus is that it is a baby game.  I contend I don’t have a warfare mind.  Just saying . . . .

Off to Sicily in 9 more days!  Then a house guest for two weeks.  I love company and Tunisia is a grand country to visit.  Mind you I am looking forward to the wine in Italy vs the wine in Tunisia.  And the cheese, and the pastas, and the sauces ……