Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

As I started this class, I was a bit worried that we would be doing massive amounts of reading about “what we should do”, “what paradigms we need to shift”, etc., which while interesting and challenging, would leave me hoping for something more to hang my  hat onto.  (Doug Johnson, Blue Skunk Blog, has given us the title of Pragmatists and explains why we shouldn’t be ashamed.)

Well, along comes Andrew Church & gives me more than I could hope for!  In his blog entry, Bloom’s Taxonomy Blooms Digitally, Church updates the taxonomy that has been used for decades & makes it relevant.  Including digital terms, giving examples of what the vocabulary means, & the hierachy makes it so clear to me.  Had I had this in my arsenal before I launched the 5th grade project, I would have spent many session on showing the students more royalty free photo sites & having them make folders for things they found while exploring.  Then the actual project would have been easier on everyone.

I have shared this with the tech teacher next door.  We are going to sit down & look at our standards & benchmarks with the digital taxonomy in mind.  Then, she and I are going to brainstorm some activities for each level.  I am going to share this with all the 3, 4 and 5th grade teachers, so that our expectations fit the level our students are at.  This is worth the price of the tuition.