Sad Life Moment

Today I learned that a good friend, Ellen Nugent, who worked for 17 years as a Shanghai American School middle school librarian, passed away.  It has saddened me in so many ways.  Of course, just losing Ellen, who loved her job, has stunned me.  The other thing that saddens me is that it has been months since we talked or “chatted” on-line.  I just was caught up in my life.

Ellen did live her life.  She traveled a great deal, enjoyed her friends, and went back to her home state of Montana every summer.  As all of us do, she was making plans about retirement but couldn’t quite decide on when to do it.  She will be greatly missed at SAS.

This is the second friend that I have lost this year.  Both younger than me.  I am going to take this as a wake up call.  I intend to call, write, email, or go visit friends and family – at least for this week.  I hope to continue making contact with my friends around the world more often.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people to call friends.

Don’t let any more days pass you by.  Get in touch with that friend that you have been meaning to call.  Make a date to have lunch together this summer.  Plan a reunion of international friends at some wild location or tame one.  Celebrate your life and your friends everyday.

6 thoughts on “Sad Life Moment

  1. We have kids at SAS Puxi Campus and just got the sad news about Ms. Nugent. We lost a very dear and wonderful librarian. Our deepest sympathy for the lost of your friend. She will be dearly missed. We wish we could have known her more.
    Kind regards,
    Binh and family

  2. I knew Ellen from her days in Maracaibo, Venezuela when we both worked at the American school there. It was very shocking news when I learned of her death. I understand your feelings about losing someone who is younger- really makes you appreciate your life and the people in it. I am so sad for her family–especially her mother. RIP, Ellen….

    • Those of us that teach internationally gather friends from many places. I didn’t know she had lived in Venezuela. All our thouts turn to her family and the sadness they are feeling. Thanks for sharing your memories of Ellen.

  3. Thanks for your kind words about Ellen. Ellen was my dearest friend from back home in Havre, Montana. She and I met while doing high school theatre, and we were roommates for two years in college. Over the years we made a regular habit of getting together every summer to catch up and hang out while we were home visiting our respective families. In fact, I had planned to watch fireworks with Ellen on the 4th of July. Ellen loved her travels and her friends from around the world. It cheers me to know that those friends also hold a special place for her in their hearts and memories. Thanks again for your kind words.

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