Could we please have some uplifting, positive readings now?  I have read all the readings for week 2 of course 2:  “”, “Don’t Overestimate Privacy of Online Information”, “Beware: the Internet Could Own Your Future”, and “Digital Profile Bookmarks”.    I have checked to make sure I have the most locked down privacy on Facebook.  Considering dropping it altogether. While I won’t be vying for college admission (except for SUNY on-line courses), I don’t want my general life spread across continents.  (Mind you, I doubt that deadly dull will be something people are looking for.)

Checked my name and that of several friends and schools that I have worked at on the site.  Can’t decide if it is good or bad that we aren’t there.  Seems as if most of the posts are written by students.  Several appear to be written by students that probably did not get a good grade.  Resembles the ISR site for reviewing administrators and schools.  I like the idea, but it seems to be more of a place to whine and complain without little balanced reporting.

After reading these articles it is clear to me that we must make sure that positive things about ourselves and our students appear online.  Displaying good work, discussions about community projects, and recommendations that include constructive comments are desperately needed to off-set the ease of negative information.  I am also going to be more aware of strangers being in my travel photos.  Don’t want to add to their footprint.



One thought on “Footprints

  1. I share your thoughts about I’m actually pretty scared to see what is written there. I’ve only taught lower elementary myself, so I doubt anything is in there…but if there was anything, would it be constructive? I doubt so. Much of what we do as educators is driven by the idea that somewhere out there we’re making a difference. We live for those ah-ha moments and the looks on the kids’ faces that we get when they understand something they’ve been struggling with. I fear that if I were to see a student’s horrible review of how I was in my first year of teaching it would crush the way I look back at that class forever. I don’t want those good memories to be taken away.

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