Proyecto Final

This is my final project (digital storytelling) for course 3. I have really enjoyed making this and plan on doing more for my family and class. I have always loved a good storyteller working the craft, and have always hoped to become a better storyteller myself. Here is an opportunity to hone my skills and provide resources for my students that they may find more motivating than listening to me talk in front of the class. I use a YouTube page to favorite instructional videos for my Spanish students. Here is my chance to post my own work instead of just using others’ efforts. Thanks CoETaIL for pushing me!

We call long drives “windshield time,” and screen time is when we sit and watch something. We tend to try and limit our family’s screen time, but our world is becoming more and more dependent upon screens. Why not take advantage of this and give students another tool? I hope you enjoy and maybe even learn a little español!

YouTube Preview Image
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3 Responses to Proyecto Final

  1. Jill Bass says:

    I did learn some espanol and I think your narrators learned some as well. I really enjoy seeing the photos with text but hearing different narration to go along with the slide. Great work!

  2. Gwen Martin says:

    Great actors! I have just finished course two so this has given me some idea of what is ahead. Perhaps I should take a few snaps while on summer holidays. Well done.

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