Project 3 for our CoETaIL course 3 is to create a pecha kucha type presentation on a topic we have covered so far. We used images we have taken on different trips (except the first picture) and recorded over the slides with script we created. Our intention was to talk about advances in technology and how they have improved our lives, while using images that reflect people who still live seemingly unaffected by those changes.

We have learned about the importance of visuals in presentations, and we hope the obvious mismatch between image and text enhance the project. An essential question we had for this course was- How does manipulation of visual elements affect the piece/ viewer? We were  hoping this presentation would create a sense of unease in the viewer, thus helping to make a lasting impression. Which one you take away with you is up to you.

YouTube Preview Image
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  1. Avatar of jbass jbass says:

    Again, great photos! What great dichotomy between the technological and “primitive” world.

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