Oops! I misread the pecha kucha project description for course 3.3 and did one to use with my students. I’ll post it here anyways for the exposure. My students have not seen it yet, but I look forward to sharing it with them. I’d better get going on the right one!

I like the presentation style and see the potential for many lessons for my students using the pecha kucha.

YouTube Preview Image
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2 Responses to Pikachuchu

  1. Avatar of Destry Shane Destry Shane says:

    Great pictures Gary! I’m sure your students love to see you and your family outside of the SSIS setting. And I think I learned a little Spanish.

  2. Avatar of jbass jbass says:

    I really like Los Abuelos, especially seeing el abuelo on the deck. Nice work and a cool little fam portfolio.

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