Reflection & Final Project – MS Digital Citizenship


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty” (Henry Ford). As an Educator there is no limit for learning.  Every day we learn something new which adds on to our teaching.   “As an international educator we need to teach our kids how they should behave online and offline.  It is our responsibility to teach them to become 21st century learner.  We need to make them aware of

  • Copyright Usage and Plagiarism
  • Privacy Online
  • Student Safety and Bullying
  • Understanding Web Connections
  • Mass Collaboration
  • Digital Footprint and Digital Divide


Final Project- MS Digital Citizenship

Our final project was to create and proposed outline for Digital Citizenship in the MS to be integrated into the current 6th grade rotation, which includes:

  1. Multimedia
  2. Computer Studies

 Final Project

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