Cyber Bullying

I think it is both parents as well as teacher’s job to make them aware of cyber bullying. Students explore how it feels to be cyber bullied, how cyber bullying is similar to, or different than in-person bullying, and learn strategies for handling cyber bullying when it arises. We need to explain them the power of the Internet, it is important for students to learn how to responsibly handle any situation they might encounter online so they can keep their experiences positive. Teachers and parents need to tell them  and explain about the positive way of using technology.  I really liked this article about When Dad Banned Text Messaging by Debbie Geiger    “ However, there is plenty about texting I don’t like. I didn’t like that my daughter rarely spoke to her friends in New York anymore, relying only on texting to communicate. And I certainly do not like hearing about kids who send around half-naked pictures of themselves. They’re too young to fully grasp the consequences such actions hold for the future. And the overuse and misuse shows they’re not mature enough to use these expensive gadgets responsibly.”
I really liked what this website says “We focused our attention in this research on social network sites because we wanted to understand the types of experiences teens are having there and how they are addressing negative behavior when they see it or experience it. As they navigate challenging social interactions online, who is influencing their sense of what it means to be a good or bad “digital citizen”? How often do they intervene to stand up for others? How often do they join in the mean behavior?  Teens, kindness cruelty on social network .

As an educator we can teach our kids with lot of examples about various positive and negative experiences in society.  We need to make them aware of their thoughts and prevent them from making an unsafe decision. We need to develop their knowledge about cyber safety.

At home parents can educate them and make them aware by talking to them and knowing what they are doing online.

Cyber bullying is a crime and It will exist and we cannot remove  it permanently  but can try to make everyone aware of the consequences by formal or informal approach with the kids whether  at home or at school.

But on the contrary, I think the use of technology can change your world but overuse of technology can make you nonexistent   in the real world.



2 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying

  1. Gagan, you offer great suggestions for both teachers and parents. I believe that if we work together we can educate students on how to use the internet where the experience will not only be educational but enjoyable. I second your notion that, “the use of technology can change your world but overuse of technology can make you nonexistent in the real world.” Balance is critical.

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