How can you manage your digital footprint as an international educator?

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty” (Henry Ford). As an Educator there is no limit for learning.  Every day we learn something new which adds on to our teaching.   “As an international educator we need to be very careful about whatever we do online. I think blogging is a perfect example of sharing your work and student’s work online.  Whether it is Parent Conference (sharing your students work with parents) or sharing your digital portfolio with your colleagues or with anyone.  It is the best way through which you can have a positive feedback of your work. Blogging should be in our day to day routine and we need to make sure that we read other people’s blogs as well.  I think there should be a fine line between personal life and professional life.  I have a Facebook account which I don’t share it with my students.  I don’t accept any friend request from my students and make sure that I don’t accept everyone’s request. Digital Age has its own positive and negative sides.  I think you don’t have 100% control on your digital food print sometimes people can create something which can really harm your digital profile for example Rick Santorum .  “Having negative information surface while employed can lead to termination: FACT”  I agree with this saying that doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a job or not you cannot be careless with your online reputation.


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