How doCourse#2 Blog post#1 We teach copyright in countries where international copyright law is not often followed?

In my opinion we need to rethink about copyright laws as a global citizen because right now it depends on the sole discretion of that particular country how strict or loose they are with it.  In my opinion there should be one copyright charter for everyone. It is very difficult to find a person who violates or steals other people’s creation. Technology is changing so fast and who can keep up with it?  Some people want to share their creation and other doesn’t want to share for different reasons and whether it is against the law or not, then where should we draw the line. It is very difficult. When I looked at different countries copyright law from wikipedia most of the developing countries had made changes into their copyright law and are still making changes constantly that means they are aware of the violations and want to be on top of it or they need to be on top.

I totally agree with Lawrence Lessig (TED talk)  says  specially about Disney thing make me think  if you are successful and powerful you can rule the world, you can make your rules and smaller fishes have to follow them.  And I agree with  the article of  open spaces which says about the future of the copyright(open spaces) “The protection granted to copyright owners is essential in providing the economic incentive for the creation of works. But in determining the scope of the monopoly rights granted to copyright owners, given the extreme length of the monopoly, we must not lose sight of the true purpose of copyright – to promote the progress of knowledge and learning – and we must all realize that too broad a monopoly will impede rather than promote that progress on which this country was founded.” It is good that now most of the countries are following US copyright laws and Internet policies.

As a Teacher I think it is our duty to make the kids aware of copyright and plagiarism. We should teach them to live life with dignity.  As an Tech Teacher we should first start  following  copyright laws and then teach students.  And it should be mandatory for every school to have it in their curriculum.

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