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Final Project Reflection

Maybe it’s a lack of vision. Or perhaps unrealistic implementation. Either way, I have demonstrated yet again that there is a lot to learn from failure. I wanted to leverage technology to create a virtual, multimedia art gallery and while … Continue reading

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face-to-face with darwin

What will the classroom of the future look like. With MOOCs, iTunes University, and other surrogate content providers changing the nature of how information moves, the classroom will need to be different. I certainly believe flipping will be a major … Continue reading

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consistent but not coherent

Could I function in my classroom without my computer?  I don’t think so.  I use it every day, all day, in every class.  All my materials are digital (and so far I have only printed 120 sheets of paper for … Continue reading

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on losing one’s footing momentarily

Without a doubt, the single most revolutionary idea I have heard in nearly 20 years of teaching is the flipped classroom (reverse instruction) model. Embodied in any “revolution” is the promise and terror of that word. Destruction and Recreation all … Continue reading

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180 Degree Turn at 8,000rpm

I have been thinking about the semantic debate that Jennifer has noted regarding the descriptors of “integrate”, “embed” and her addition, “camouflage” as ways of “infusing” (ISTE language) technology into education.  The constructivist underpinnings of this desire to empower students … Continue reading

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NETS for Dummies

I honestly don’t know. I find most talk of IT integration to be alternately high-minded and clueless. What is one to make of “Model Digital Age Work and Learning” if the meaning of these terms is still open for debate? … Continue reading

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Dead Man Walking

For several years now I have shown the 1995 film Dead Man Walking to my students towards the end of our unit on ethics. We’ve already discussed the ethical theories espoused by Plato, Aristotle, Bentham, Kant and Mill and as … Continue reading

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Going, Going, Gone

Evolution has programmed us for visual acuity, especially when it comes to movement. Listening has never triggered our reptilian fight or flight alertness as any lecturing teacher with any self-awareness has known. And as our students are increasingly weaned on … Continue reading

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Teaching Visual Literacy

I have taught a unit on media literacy within TOK for several years now.  While the IB doesn’t include visual literacy in the TOK diagram and syllabus, it is such an essential application of critical thinking in today’s highly mediated … Continue reading

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Death by PowerPoint

I first heard about Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen book from our IT Director at school.  He leant it to me and I read it cover to cover in a single sitting…that’s not so impressive as it’s got a lot of … Continue reading

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