180 Degree Turn at 8,000rpm

I have been thinking about the semantic debate that Jennifer has noted regarding the descriptors of “integrate”, “embed” and her addition, “camouflage” as ways of “infusing” (ISTE language) technology into education.  The constructivist underpinnings of this desire to empower students with the tools to make meaning are noble and encouraging, but I continue to struggle with what all too often feels like “integration” in what Jeff rightly deems an awkward bionic-retrofitting of technology to a pre-IT paradigm.  Perhaps this is why I have such a hard time conceiving of the meta-cognitive meaning of integration/embedding/camouflaging/infusing.  Perhaps what is required is less time spent on technology and more on radical curriculum reconstruction.  I think of ways in which my current knowledge of technology might inform the way I might re-conceive the very practice in which I’ve become so/too well trained a la Gladwell.  But to this end I really feel I’ve only seen fleeting glimpses of a Brave New curricular World.  Our Google Hangout’d guest, Brian Bennett, in the last COETAIL session has clearly been to the proverbial mountaintop and seen the future.  I fear my age and “practice” has made it more difficult for me to follow him there but I do want to be “saved” from my current wretched state (sorry, got a little too MLK there).  I think the “flipped classroom” and “reverse instruction”suggest the 180 degree shift that is required and this while still running in the previous direction at 8,000rpm (this is type-A Taipei!).  It’s a daunting task but one that I hope could be done in a piecemeal unit-by-unit fashion (which I realize it the exact task of this course)…if not, a sabbatical is in order!

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