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The Social Network

The Social Network opens tomorrow in the US. While, for some reason, the Taiwan release is slated for November, it still promises to be a ripe text for discussion in our little digital salon.  While the critical reviews seem to … Continue reading

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The Straw Man

I just watched the YouTube clip that Jeff shared called “When I Become a Teacher”.  While I think it’s a nice little homegrown satire on old-school pedagogues, ironically, I don’t find it very constructive to the conversation of how to … Continue reading

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Drowning in Data

It’s taken me a while to post.   Computer reimaging slowed me down…don’t it always.  In the meantime, while reading a NYTimes article about the recent breakthroughs in further microprocessor miniaturization, I was struck by a statement made by one of … Continue reading

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The Babeling Blog

Meandering through the 1,347 unread blog and website posts that netvibes now aggregates and aggravates me with, I was struck by just how much there is out there that I supposedly want to know…and will never, ever, have time to … Continue reading

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