I’m not THAT Emily Roth!

I am super pumped about this course and digital citizenship. This is an area I’d really like to help develop at my school. As digital immigrants, sometimes we can be so afraid of what can happen that we resist change which can propel us forward. And by ‘us’, I’m talking about student and teacher learning (teachers are lifelong learners, right??).

When I read “Your Online Reputation Can Hurt You,” I have to admit that I quickly googled myself. I discovered 2 things: 1) I have a pretty common name, and 2) I really need to get busy creating a positive digital footprint for myself. When I googled myself, I did so in the mindset of being an employer. When I encountered a multitude of “Emily Roth”s, it scared me—especially because some of those “Emily Roth”s, I don’t want to be, like Emily Roth, the pregnant teenager, or Emily Roth, the band member who co-wrote the song, “The Last Time I Committed Suicide.” Yeah, those Emily Roths are not the ones I think employers are dying to hire:)                                        So how will my prospective employer know those other Emily’s aren’t ME?? That’s how I discovered #2, that I need to really put in some energy creating my digital footprint.

This past Tuesday I was so disappointed, because I came down with a nasty strep throat infection (3 days before spring break–SERIOUSLY??!?!). I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to participating in the Bigmarker session (by the way, has the recorded session been posted yet, and if so, where is it?). I had fallen asleep, and when I awoke, it was over. Doctor’s orders had me quarantined these past 2 days. One huge plus for today was that I was able to watch the EARCOS Course 5 presentations. I remember thinking at one point during the presentations how cool it was that in this day-and-age, I can be sitting on my bed in my jammies correcting math tests while watching some inspiring colleagues on the other side of the world present their ideas. Pretty amazing. One in particular, Ben Sheridan, caught my attention. I missed the first couple of minutes though and therefore failed to hear where he was teaching and his name. I quickly logged in to the chat and asked Jeff. Jeff gave me his name, so I googled him. BAM. Within seconds, I was on Ben’s site following his journey with some pretty stellar lower elementary projects and stealing ideas along the way (Thanks, Ben!;).

To end this post, I’d like to share my favorite quote from this week’s readings. It comes from “Positive Digital Footprints” when Ferriter is talking about tech guru Will Richardson. Richardson is expressing his views on his children being googled. He says,

“One of my worst fears as [my children] grow older is that they won’t be              Googled well…. Or, even worse, that no links about her will come up at all.”

This particular quote really spoke to me. Ferriter goes on to mention how in schools, we are terrified of being “found” online, and then you have Richardson who is saying the opposite! Times have really changed. What a great discussion starter in schools…

6 thoughts on “I’m not THAT Emily Roth!

  1. Sorry the podcast isn’t up yet….EARCOS kept me busy. I’ll get it up soon….hoping tomorrow.

    We’ll see how long this blog will become part of your footprint. The more you link out the quicker it will happen.

  2. Hello Emily! Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you were able to catch the course 5 final presentations. I was super impressed with what everyone was doing as well as with everyones presentations. I think it was such a cool idea to stream them live! I’m glad you find some of what I’m doing useful. I’ll be checking back to see what cool ideas I can take from you! Keep up the good work!

  3. Dear Emily,
    It was good talking to you in Big Marker yesterday. You said some great things and I agree that we can’t ignore the fact that students need to be taught how to protect themselves and their digital footprint. We as teachers, need to take this responsibility and I think this will be one of our prime role as the times change. And that’s why having an AUP is so important. In addition, as mentioned by Jeff in the conversation, I agree that parent education is a big part in this. Parents need to know we take this serious and that we are aware.
    I was wondering if you have found others to work with on your possibly updated AUP. We have one that needs tweaking although to me it seems pretty good already. If you would like, we can email/talk more about this some more. sannebloemarts@gmail.com
    Anyways, thanks for sharing yesterday.

  4. I ran to google myself, too. I was shocked to discover that 1) there is a pair of 9West boots with MY name which is surprising given that I have a pretty unusual name and 2) there is really not that much more out there which actually made me pretty happy. But I have a feeling that my digital shadow is pretty huge.

    I also found Richardson’s quote really interesting but I’m not entirely convinced that it would be a worse thing to have no search results. Maybe by the end of this course I’ll feel differently.

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