Privacy online – oxymoron?

Over a year ago, I wrote a post on my personal blog Is privacy possible? It was then that discovered a web site that could tell anyone who searched for your name, your recent addresses, online activity like your Amazon purchases, likes and dislikes. It was kind of creepy so I removed myself from that web site.

But the truth of it is, we can’t “erase” ourselves from the internet. We have to confront the fact that these days potential employers will probably Google our name and find out quite a lot. But it was Jeff, I think, who said that at least we can control what we want to leave out there and what to push further down the search results. We should really be writing any blog posts that we wouldn’t want a future employer to read, but it probably is a tad bit embarrassing if they can see your online purchasing activity or the contents of your recent moving sale.

We are impressed when Amazon, Google or Facebook can recommend purchases but infuriated when we see that they have collected personal information about us. Targeted marketing is awesome – but comes at a price: privacy!

One Response to Privacy online – oxymoron?

  1. i wonder if a company were able to start offering a simplified anonymous internet experience, where no tracking information was kept, and no ads that tracked you would be used. also, all cookies would automatically be disabled and access to your history would be blocked, would people use such a service? is it even possible to exist on the internet without your actually identity to be closely linked to your online activity? maybe that’s another business opportunity of the future, to offer that kind of experience to web users.

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