Course 2 Final Project

My school is an international school in China, that encompasses pre-school (3 year olds) to 12th grade. We have just under 1000 students.

For the next school year 2012-13, our distribution of devices will look like this:

Pre-school 3 – none
Pre-school 4 – 8 iPads per classroom
Kindergarten – 8 iPads and 4 PC laptops per classroom
Grade 1 – 8 iPads and 4 MacBook Pros per classroom
Grade 2-3 – 4 MacBook Pros per classroom
Grade 4 – 2:1 PC laptops per classroom (they will go to Mac the following year, right now they will continue using existing equipment)
Grades 5-12 – 1:1 MacBook Pro

As it stands, we have an AUP that all students and faculty must sign. However, the students in K-3 sign one that is easier to understand. It states as a footnote: This Elementary School Acceptable Use Policy is based on the AISG Acceptable Use Policy. It has been reworded using age appropriate language. By signing this ES AUP you are also bound by the AISG AUP. But this is confusing because as an elementary classroom teacher, I know that my students and their parents have not been given a copy of the longer document.

For the purpose of this assignment, I revised the elementary document, include pre-school since they now have access to devices and drop Grade 3. In our school, it is appropriate for pre-school to Grade 2 to share a document, because their usage and accessibility to technology is closely aligned.

I took our existing elementary AUP and moved the terms of agreement to fit within the school’s core beliefs. In doing so, I edited/re-worded things as well as added new points that I felt were relevant. I also needed to add in the iPad, since that is a new device to many classrooms next school year.

The most important point that I’ve learned while editing our AUP is that it needs to be a living document. As time goes by, there will definitely be incidents that were not covered in the document, and will need to continually revise it.

In addition to editing our own, for “inspiration” I looked at AUPs from Taipei American School and ideas from my two project partners, Julie and Rachella. Julie also gave me the great idea to make the document look more visually appealing to children.

Here the document and also a link:

2 Responses to Course 2 Final Project

  1. Thanks for sharing your technology break down via the grade levels. It’s a nice progression of technology through the ages….especially once those PC get moved over to Mac in the coming year.

    Love your AUP so colorful and dare I say “fun” which is a word I don’t use to often when looking at AUPs.

    • Thanks, Jeff! I actually had a great experience creating this document. This has been a busy few weeks at school so I kind of didn’t manage my time well on the assignment. But when I actually put my head to it, I realized it was great to reflect on the AUP issues we do have with younger kids, how to address them, and even potential ones.

      Quick question – read your comments on my Google doc regarding this course. Where can I respond that you will be able to read?

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