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Feb 06

No teacher left behind


In 2001 the US government started holding schools more accountable for the education of poor and minority children, and now 12 years later, it is time for us to focus our attention on educating teachers (and students) in technology integration. The gap between teachers who have reached a level of comfort with technology in the …

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Apr 20

A teenager’s battle continues

In Danah Boyd‘s article on ‘bullying’ I was pleasantly reminded that the Internet is not the real problem among teenager bullying each other. It is just another tool in that teenage battle. Likewise, it is also a tool that is forcing us to think about how we need to continue to help teenagers. In another article I read …

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Apr 12

Up the “AUP ladder”


Schools are moving toward updating or creating AUP. This is not something new and many schools already have something in place whether created by teachers, admin, parents or other outside parties such as a school board of directors. It is common practice to ask members of a school/organization to sign an AUP before they are …

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