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Apr 14

Outcome Reflections

student reaction

Course 5 – Final Project Summary Goals for the project: To research ways to integrate forms of digital communication in a school/classroom. To enhance relationships and collaboration between teachers, and to consider possibilities to evocatively interweave parents in the learning of their children through digital correspondance. What tools and why: Weebly since it’s a free …

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Feb 13

Connected Collaborator

Stages of PLN

We must always continue to grow and learn on a personal and professional level. My husband and I have started taking a competitive toll on who has the most followers on Twitter. When I started Twitter over a year ago, his initial reaction was simple; “why?” and “what will you twitter about?” What great questions! And, as …

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Feb 06

No teacher left behind


In 2001 the US government started holding schools more accountable for the education of poor and minority children, and now 12 years later, it is time for us to focus our attention on educating teachers (and students) in technology integration. The gap between teachers who have reached a level of comfort with technology in the …

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Nov 24

4 great ways to modernize Professional Development


Let’s say that teacher professional development is not an event but rather a process that teachers go through to gain knowledge and skills to develop on a personal level as well as attain career advancement. By this rational, teachers don’t actually need to go anywhere to go through the process of maintaining and improving their professional competence. And, …

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May 13

AUP – always a working document

Is “every teacher is a technology teacher”? I believe so! Like many schools, we will be moving toward having a tech-coach. So then whose job is it to teach the NETS to students? My favorite thing about this course so far has been the opportunity to learn from others; sharing ideas, teaching and learning. Collaboration would be essential …

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