May 13

AUP – always a working document

Is “every teacher is a technology teacher”? I believe so! Like many schools, we will be moving toward having a tech-coach. So then whose job is it to teach the NETS to students?
My favorite thing about this course so far has been the opportunity to learn from others; sharing ideas, teaching and learning. Collaboration would be essential for all teachers who are willing to grow and learn and as teachers of technology, we all need to see teaching NETS as part of our teaching. I worked together with another Coetailer Emily during course 2. It was helpful to share and compare the process we are going through at our schools to set an AUP in place.

Working with technology on a daily bases in our classroom can be a daunting task and of course, we are not expected to tackle this challenge by ourselves. We will have a coach to guide us. Someone to be there when we have the laptops in our room, someone to show us the tricks, someone to help us understand the bigger picture. But this will only be possible if every teacher is willing to let go of something else in their curriculum to make room for teaching digital citizenship and/or NETS. We need to assure that all our students understand our AUP, that they know what is expected of them and we need to use our class time teach them how to learn from and work with technology.

If every teacher adds the NETS to their own curriculum ‘maps’ and we can ensure to use these standards in the language of instruction and the reflections the students make, than we can build toward having an integrated model. The goal is to have AUPs, NET standards and Digital Citizenship become a familiar, integrated part of the school’s established curriculum, rather than an ‘add on’.
In addition, I would like to see teachers continue to share and learn in this new environment. With this I hope we will continue to work on and reflect on AUPs as times keep changing. Hence, the title of this blog; AUP – always a working document.
Please read it with kindness.


  1. Carrie Zimmer


    I really like your statement above that every teacher is a technology teacher. I believe that teachers must believe this statement. We are working towards integration in our classrooms, and teachers must feel confident moving forward, even if it is slow! And, you’re right about making room for technology in their curriculum- they may not have to give something up, but they might have to look at it in a new way to bring the technology in.

  2. Avatar of Jen

    I really enjoyed your post and completely agree with the views you expressed. I too agree that the NETS need to be taught by all. Right now I am in a situation where I am one of the only one focusing on digital citizenship. Therefore, students think that they are my rules no matter how much I explain to them that they are rules that they will use for the rest of their life. As more people in my school add the NETS and digital issues into their curriculum maps, I find that students are more accepting of becoming better digital citizens.

    1. Avatar of Sanne Bloemarts
      Sanne Bloemarts

      One teacher can make a difference so keep up the good work! And although you might feel like you are the only one at your school, plenty of other teachers are seeing this more as a priority. I just hope all schools start seeing it too…. As it effects the whole new generation of young learners. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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