Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 28

Fear Factor


How are you dealing with the fear of the internet?! For many of us the Web is scary because we are not sure what it is or what it can do. We don’t fully understand it and thus it becomes a fear factor. Yet I would like to see change,…. “To conquer fear is the …

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May 13

AUP – always a working document

Is “every teacher is a technology teacher”? I believe so! Like many schools, we will be moving toward having a tech-coach. So then whose job is it to teach the NETS to students? My favorite thing about this course so far has been the opportunity to learn from others; sharing ideas, teaching and learning. Collaboration would be essential …

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May 09

Are you suffering from FOMO?


Kids and adults text while doing other things all of the time. I see it all around me. What could possibly be so important that some adults even text while driving? Are we suffering from FOMO? We are constantly social networking while we are waiting, travelling, walking and even when we are talking. At times …

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