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Hi, my name is Dan Stevens, and I teach grade 5 at the American School in Japan.  I am originally from a small town in Ontario, Canada, famously known as Gananoque, in the heart of the 1000 Islands.

I have lived in Japan for 8 years with my wife, Michelle (PE/Science in the MS) and my son Zack (grade 3), and daughter Isabel (kindergarten). This is our third overseas school, having also taught at the Frankfurt International School in Oberursel, Germany and at Colegio Maya, and Colgio Interamericano in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Hobbies include playing ice hockey for the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club, playing drums in my band, running, swimming, and skiing in Hakuba, Nagano whenever we get the chance.  During our summer holidays I enjoy golfing, mountain biking and spending warm summer days at our cottage.


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  1. Frank says:

    I see that you once taught at FIS and that you are a hockey player. I was wondering if you might be able to help me identify any youth hockey program within a reasonable distance from FIS? I have had a difficult time trying to get any information.

    • Avatar of Dan Dan says:

      Hi Frank,
      I wish I could help you. In the four years that I lived in Frankfurt and worked at FIS I didn’t play hockey at all. I just hadn’t made any hockey connections to get involved with a gentleman’s league. As for youth hockey, maybe try the arena in Frankfurt. I watched some of the semi-pro games in the European League there and they may have a poster or a pamphlet up on a wall somewhere.
      Hope this helps,

  2. Noal Cochrane says:

    Dan: I heard you played hockey at JU and UMPI, but that due to a fragile glass gut, you had to stop playing. True?

    • Avatar of Dan Dan says:

      Hey Noodle! Still playing hockey. Glass gut is gone only because of all the good Saki in Japan! :) Great to hear from you.

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