Likable Library Look

Where does our massive traditional library fit as far as a knowledge piece?

Looking at the space in our school the librarians should want to change the image and make it a place where teachers become lead learners and the role of librarians has now become more to organize information path ways. I’m trying to imagine what it will look like….

If people want to gather they don’t need to be in the same place because there is a worldwide web collection of materials to be found digitally. There is a need of a portal that looks at digital items, tell stories and teach humanities, and develop a teachers network to bring the world together online.

Our Apple consultant, Kathleen Frenez recently visited our school and shared some great ideas of how her traditional role as a librarian changed over time and this is how she described her wonderful “library”.

In my library learning takes place in a social environment. It is a large social spot with smaller spaces for people to work together. There are recording spaces for students, classroom can come together, and there is space for production with headphones. Also there’s a spot that can have 200 to 300 people together. And there are books of all kinds: books on a flash drive, cameras, microphones, on line book reviews etc.

Her library had stopped buying reference books. To me it sounded like a great space like the Kinokuniya Bookstore at Siam Paragon in Bangkok. Her school’s tech people also had their working space in the library. It functions as a collaborative place for the people to come after school as a help center and to do homework. Now our main library already is a great place but with all the space it has it would be wonderful if it gets more updated and gets to function as the one Kathleen describes.

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