Presentation Design in Progress

I have used and abused many presentations in the past and had to sit through students PowerPoint presentations showcasing their learning. Teaching is performance based and presentations are a big part of our teaching. PowerPoint shows are used a lot and we need to really think of how to do this effectively.

In When Computers Leave Classrooms, So Does Boredom by Jeffrey R. Young, I read that the dean of the Meadows school of arts, José A. Bowen, has challenged his colleagues to “teach naked”—by which he means, sans machines

Mr. Bowen says. “If you say to a student, We have this problem in Mayan archaeology: We don’t know if the answer is A or B. We used to all think it was A, now we think it’s B. If the lecture is ‘Here’s the answer, it’s B,’ that’s not very interesting. But if the student believes they can contribute, they’re a whole lot more motivated to enter the discourse, and to enter the discipline.”    In short, don’t be boring.

A couple of years ago I was happy with this presentation called the perils of the powerpoint,  I would  share with my students before making their creations. Still many of them turned out to be boring!!

So what makes a good PowerPoint? Do we really have to teach naked? There’s got to be a way….. This week we have looked at Presentation Zen and I’m reading the book. What a beautiful way to present! I had my first Bento Box lunch at a restaurant down town Bangkok several weeks ago and I can see the idea of the presentation box like a toolbox, a structure how to present effectively. I’ve only just starting and playing around with pictures to replace the “old, outdated” ones for a presentation I use as an introduction for a project called Myself as a Language Learner. The goal is to make it more simple and choose images that are effective. But it is still in process………

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