Final Cut


After spending two class periods planning and shooting their films, the students are finally done. Topics range from strokes to hypothermia, broken bones to 3rd degree burns.

In terms of meeting my goals (increased motivation, opportunities for creativity, communicating information while collaborating, and demonstrating decision making skills) the project was a success. In terms of producing accurate and succinct informational video clips…well, we still have some work to do.

Students demonstrated great creativity in the filming and editing of their projects. One group of boys went so far as to crop in clips from other well-known movies. I am quite sure there were some copyright violations involved, but it WAS very creative.

The obvious plus points in doing this project include the aforementioned motivation, creativity and collaboration. Other benefits include a much more interesting final project than the Red-Cross-Produced Peyton-Manning-Narrated series of clips that we usually watch in class. Most impressive to me, the students readily jumped into the project, not only with the filming but with the editing of clips, music overlays and credit screens. Not surprisingly, the technology piece came very easily for them, and among the different groups I noticed a range of software and editing tools being used. This was, however, part of the frustration in the project.


One initial frustration was the sharing of the files that were produced by the students. Firstly, they were huge files. Sending them via email was out of the question. Secondly, students had used a variety of programs and computers to produce the movies. This was an intentional allotment on my part, but led to some frustration especially when dealing with the files produced on Macs. Finally, my concern with sharing the files with the class, mentioned in my previous post, was not resolved. Youtube was out of the question due to privacy concerns regarding students. Ultimately I had to save them and share them off of an external hard drive. Not ideal, but the only option presently open to me.

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