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For my final project, the goal is to allow students to fulfill NETS goals while adding interest and excitement to my CPR/First Aid class. Students in this class learn the basics of CPR, the proper use of an AED and how to respond effectively to emergency situations.

At the present time, students are “treated” to a Red Cross video that is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Doesn’t this scene look thrilling? It gets even better as the unit progresses. I can think of a myriad of scenarios to demonstrate a broken leg bone that would elicit more excitement from my students. For starters, where is the blood?

To solve this problem, I am going to¬† have students create short, concise videos illustrating an emergency scenario and outlining the basic steps to care for the victim. Students will need to plan out the scenario, shoot it, edit it and submit it. We will watch the videos during class time, and the plan is to then update the Health Blog with the “best of the best” videos from each class.

Increased motivation, opportunities for creativity, communicating information while collaborating, and demonstrating decision making skills will be entwined with the use of technology through this project.

There are, of course, some potential hangups.

The biggest concern is the displaying of student work on an “open blog.” This will be an issue that I will need to grapple with (and will be decided above my pay scale). If student work can not be displayed on my wordpress blog, and students pictured in the videos are not somehow masked or “pixilated”, I will be limited to presenting the videos within the confines of the class.

Video editing software and playable formats. Students have Adobe video editing tools on their computers. Those, coupled with Any Video Converter should create files that are similar enough to upload and share.

Time is always a concern. We have 10 class periods to learn the CPR/First Aid information, so students will need to work effectively during class and maybe, just maybe do some PE homework!

That should elicit an interesting response.


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