Extended Hiatus

It’s been a forever since a blog entry. I am sure that the masses that follow my blog have been waiting on the edge of their collective seats for me to post again. Since I last wrote, the following events have taken place:


William married Kate
President Obama released his birth certificate
Osama was “liquidated”
IMF head was arrested for sexual assault
Huge tornado wiped out Joplin, MO
The “Arab Spring” took off in earnest
John Edwards was indicted
News Of The World folded over scandal
Casey Anthony found “not guilty”
The space shuttle went on its final mission


Yes, it’s been that long.


I’m looking forward to the last year of the official Tech class, increasingly aware that tech class will continue for the rest of my life. As was evident in the presentation by Brian Bennett during course 4, the teachers of my tech classes are getting younger and younger. I know it can’t be my age.

The presentation and ensuing discussion was interesting, once it actually got started. Yes, technology foiled the best-laid plans, eventually knocking all of us off of Skype and on to Google Hangouts. Don’t bother, you can’t join at this time without an invite.

During the half-hour time period when Shawn and Allie (in Jakarta) and Brian Bennett (in Korea) were on-again-off-again, Jeff tried a variety of things to get the connections to stick. It was clear that the sub-standard internet in Jakarta was taking a toll on the conversation with Allie…I felt like I was watching a visual representation of the phone calls of yesteryear…with a several-second delay between the time that the speaker spoke and the hearer heard. It was, well, painful.

It also proved one of the difficulties that is continually faced when using technology. The class on Saturday was a class of (mostly) motivated educators who are willing to take risks when it comes to technology integration. That is not the case with all teachers. I can think of many, many coworkers who, if they had been sitting there on Saturday morning would have said, “See, this is why I don’t use tech in my classroom. It can’t be trusted.” If the class on Saturday had been a class of my 9th graders, things would have gone south in a hurry while the students waited for the connection to be fixed.

Taking risks in technology in the classroom can be rewarding, but you better keep that backup plan handy.

I’m just sayin’.

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One Response to Extended Hiatus

  1. Avatar of foxm foxm says:

    As one of the avid fans, I must say, it’s been a while. Glad to see you’ve been keeping abreast of world news as we head into this most political of seasons.

    I have to agree with you that pushing the limits of technology really leaves one hanging. I’ve embedded so many video clips into my website so that they are immediately at hand and then, inevitably, when one is ready to show the clip, it doesn’t load or when it’s maximized for better viewing, it must reload. I’ve found more useful clips this year, especially for Psych, but have also found more snafus regarding their use. Apologetically repeating “It was working a minute ago” does seem to wear thin.

    That being said, what is available for me to show my students in a 2-3 minute clip is valuable enough to risk the glitch.


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