Security Incident

I logged on to my account today and was met with the following message;


I actually love seeing these messages.

Not that I’m a sadist, but the less trust I have in the privacy of anything on the internet, the better. WordPress tried to reassure me with words such as “low-level break-in,” “It appears that information disclosed was limited,” and “we don’t have any specific suggestions for our users…use a strong password.”

Hmmm. Not so reassuring.

Good thing my iPhone is secure and private.

On a side note, someone from Slovenia visited my site. And Jamaica. I thought that was pretty irie, mon.

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One Response to Security Incident

  1. WordPress is trying to spin this the best way they can to calm us by using words like “incident” and low-level,” nice. A break in is a break in. When my car was stolen a few years ago I never referred to it as a”low-level” theft or an “incident.” In the end, it’s really a game of numbers and a matter of time. Even if you have the best passwords out there you are still vulnerable. How many times have we heard about Visa/Mastercard being hacked? If they can’t keep their severs secure how are we expected too. BTW – I’ve been tracking you via your ‘secure’ iPhone and it appears you have been a frequent visitor to McD’s… Supersize me!

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