Presenting Information That Is SFW

During one of the final days in my Sex Ed class, students research STD and STI information. The information covered the transmission, symptoms, treatment and prevention of 9 of the most common STI’s (there are 27 and counting).

The class presentation was created through a shared ppt on Googledocs.


Obvious Issues:

Where do you find information on STI and STD transmission that you can a)trust and b) is appropriate?

Answer: You use the WordPress blog to list all the appropriate sites and links.

How do you share the information in a concise but comprehensive manner?

Answer: Bullet points, words instead of paragraphs, don’t copy and paste information, but re-word and clarify.

How do you determine what images are appropriate to use in an all-class presentation?

Answer: If you think the image is appropriate and I don’t think it’s appropriate, we’ll send it to your mother and she can be the one who decides.

I went over the assignment with the whole class, then assigned groups of pairs of students a different STD/I to study. That in itself was interesting. “OK, you two have Ghonorrhea.”

Students had a limited amount of time to complete the research and design their 3-4 slides for the shared presentation. I was able to watch the presentation unfold, which also allowed me to keep an eye on the images that were being uploaded and used.

At the end of the allotted time, I cut off all sharing on the Googledoc, had students turn off their computers, and projected the ppt from my laptop in the front. Student pairs would come to the front of the room and present their slides and answer questions about the given STD/I.

It was a great assignment, appropriately presented necessary information, and was a lot more interesting for the students than a lecture from Mr. Long.

The only real issue that arose during this assignment was that the Googledoc bogged down when I opened sharing with too many students. I found that out during my A1 class, and starting with A2 I opened sharing with only one of the two students, and his/her partner would use the other laptop for the research. This streamlined things considerably.

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