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I know, it’s been a long time. In fact, I had to look at my own blog to remember what the last entry was (AUP’s) and to note that the format of our AUP had changed and was less user-friendly than the original.

So what’s my excuse? Computer broke down? Out of town? Taking a tech-break?

Actually, I’ve been working on two other blogs.

This one is for my health classes.

Rather than than throwing everything on the OLC (limited to my current students only), I decided to design a blog site that included all the health information that is taught in 9th grade health. It is organized in the order that information is taught (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) and includes the Prezi presentations and the links to research sites and articles. The site currently includes only material from the latest Health Unit (Sex Ed), but eventually will include all relevant information from the Nutrition Unit, the CPR/First Aid Unit and the Current Health Issues Unit. Students past and present as well as their parents can all access the information that is covered in our 9th grade Health curriculum. (Interesting Side Note: On the ClustrMap located on the site, I have the expected hits from Taiwan, a couple of hits from the US, and…most surprisingly…a hit from Libya. Not sure what search led them here.)

The second one is less academic: I have a good friend who is the Executive Director of the Institute for Pacific Asia at Texas A&M. He is bringing 28 students from the Corp of Cadets program at A&M to Taiwan in May. (Bonus Interesting Side Note: A&M is listed as one of six Senior Military Colleges in the US. All incoming Freshman are technically required to participate in the Corp, but the majority are exempted by the University Administration.)

The students will be spending 10 days in China (the other one) and then coming to Taiwan for a quick three-day stay. I designed a blog to guide them through the sites and sights of Taipei during their time here. If you have friends coming to town, feel free to direct them here.

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  1. Wow, thanks Dan, while the rest of us are busy counting are blog posts, your counting your blogs! Good on you! You are always a fantastic ambassador for Taiwan to our community and I think its really great that you are now sharing with the world your tips and insights on a most often overlooked travel destination – Taiwan. I also like how you are sharing your work in health with others around the world. Your collaborative spirit is what this is all about. Many thanks!

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