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The Big Picture

The use of photos in my classroom has been significantly undervalued. Watching videos that are only a minute or two long but show a change over time can be in essence a story. Videos/photos can have a great impact on … Continue reading

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Garden Project

I really didn’t know where to start with this assignment. I looked at all the possible sites, fussed with what I should do…worried about whether it would interesting, exciting, fun. Finally, I decided to stick with what I know and … Continue reading

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Seven Hours, Six Prezi’s Later

Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake, or just determined to make a decent product…but seven hours, at least six Prezi’s later, I have made a presentation about Photosynthesis. I am hopeful that it will be an interesting introduction or … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Plant

Photo by Kevin Dooley licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. Slow on the uptake I am. I had done the dutiful reading…Creative Commons, Flickr, compfight, photos, blah, blah, blah…now I am beginning to get it, see the light if … Continue reading

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It’s Easier With Pictures

In my experience, visual literacy has not been addressed as a type of literacy. It seemingly is viewed as technology and I don’t hear conversations regarding the distinctions or parameters set up for visual literacy.  Erin Riesland states in her … Continue reading

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Technology-Toy or Tool?

Technology Integration assumes all teachers have the same skill sets and the same understanding of what is “out-there” that can be used in the classroom.  We do not treat ‘Technology” as a skill with skill specific tasks. No one, subject … Continue reading

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Not Such a Big Deal

I met someone online this week. I know where he works and what he does professionally. I have never seen him and only corresponded with him via email. Yet we were able to complete a UbD together, literally together, working … Continue reading

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Looking for a recipe

Wayne Barry in his slide show The Generation Game discusses how generations are different. He also says that instead of using the stereotypical terms digital native and digital immigrant terms such as digital efficacy and digital literacy are more appropriate. … Continue reading

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Trash Talk

The article written by Danah Boyd clearly shows that what adults view as bullying and what youths view as bullying is two different conversations. Establishing “turf”, settling disputes regarding boyfriends, gossip and rumors were NOT viewed as bullying by teenage … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated

I’m reading articles, watching videos, taking in terms…and have decided…it’s complicated. How do I teach international copyright laws? In general international copyright laws are not honored in my part of Asia. Harsh words. What do I mean? Walking distance from … Continue reading

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