The Big Picture

The use of photos in my classroom has been significantly undervalued. Watching videos that are only a minute or two long but show a change over time can be in essence a story. Videos/photos can have a great impact on the viewer.

Having lived in Indonesia for almost 10 years, I often read about the deforestation of Sumatra and Kalimantan. Loggers are cutting down vast tracts of forest and as such global warming is being impacted around the world. As such, with the loss of forests, carbon sequestering is lost and difficult if not impossible to replace. (See: Indonesia aims to halt deforestation)

Our first unit for the year is a Gardening unit in which we naturally tie in photosynthesis, the carbon and oxygen cycle, and making, reading and interpreting graphs. I wanted to take this global  information and make it more local for all of us that live in Indonesia.

I started out creating a video that linked photos with the deforestation and animal’s loss of habitat. The photos on Compfight for this were limited. I also felt I needed to develop the lesson more and eventually decided to use: A Student’s Guide to Global Change by the EPA. I was able to create a worksheet to ask specific questions about the graphs that would show their ability to read a graph and in addition help the students sort through the information provided.

Using One True Media I created a visual representation of how deforestation changes the local environment-titled: Deforestation. Now I am curious to see if showing photos will stimulate more conversations about Indonesia and how are lifestyles impact global warming.




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