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Apr 01

Japanese News Report-Course 3 wrap-up

It was a pleasure and an enriching experience working together with my colleagues (Reiko Aya, Hiromi Hosoi, and Machiko Romaine) to create this Japanese food news report lesson plan.

Our two major goals for the lessons are…

  1. Students will deepen their understanding on food and nutrition.
  2. Students will become aware and be able to express the differences and similarities on meals such as school lunches between cultures.

Using a wiki and Googledocs to write, edit, and publish our lesson plan and grading rubric helped to facilitate collaboration.  Our lesson focused on higher level language learners–Students who could use more sophisticated language in order make comparisons and describe the different situations.

Fine tuning the language of the grading rubric was a good process.  Rubrics help guide the students when involved in a project.  The parts of this rubric can also be used for future projects.

Reiko also had a few additional photos on Flickr.
Actually going through the story boarding process for this project, I think our group learned how specific roles might be assigned to group members in order to help keep the group moving forward.

Reflecting on our project example, I think it works well since it is the simplest way (technically) for students to create the project.

Thank you Reiko Aya, Hiromi Hosoi, and Machiko Romaine for all of your collaborative efforts to complete this project.

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