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Oct 28

Course 5-Post 5: iPads in the classroom

Halloween Read Aloud

While using a new tool in the classroom can be scary, ideas are flowing and the ball is rolling in the right direction at RIS. Our ES iPad team (a balanced and dedicated group of early-adopters and not-so early-adopters) met during their lunch time to help make the decision-making process what it needs to be…shared.

ES iPad Team
As a result of our meeting, the iPads are being distributed to the classrooms (Pre-S up to 1st grade) so that teachers can familiarize themselves with the iPad and various apps that have been downloaded. Also, teachers can then experiment with the use of the iPad with small groups.

The second grade took the initiative to try-out using the iPads to help showcase their learning of insect life-cycles via Voicethread.

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 10.26.40 PM

Here are the examples from Ms. Lisa and Ms. Supen’s class. I invite readers to listen to the students’ projects and leave a comment. Since the 2nd grade just started posting on their website, I am sure any comments would be received enthusiastically. :)

Just recently, the kindergarten class was working on describing emotions. They used Comic Life to take pictures of the students showing the different facial expressions associated with emotions such as sad, happy, excited, disappointed, etc. Even though it was the first time for the students and the teachers using the iPad, but the students were engaged and the lesson went smoothly. After taking the photos, students added the emotions in the speech bubbles in Comic Life.

In a later I will share the student versions along with the teacher versions.

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Oct 21

Course 5-Post 4: Nuts and Bolts to Making it Happen

teamwork 5
Joining the RIS team, the players that I work extensively with are Dainty Angeles (ES Information Technology Coach) and Tim Pettine (K-12 IT Coordinator and COETAIL graduate).
ES iPad Team
When we were thinking of covers for the iPads, we knew we wanted something so pre-school kids could handle the machines without too much worry. Tim provided an “industrial” cover that we liked. Unfortunately, being in Thailand, the shipping cost did not make the cover a cost-effective option. :(

As a result, Khun Tony (IT Director) provided us with a good alternative. The covers have done well in our initial tests with the students.

iPad cover

iPad cover

iPad cart?
Initially, we took an available cart and we found some plastic bins that we could use to help organize the iPads. We felt that bins would allow the iPads to be checked-out in groups and it would be easy for collection.
Custom Made iPad wheeled-cart
Thanks to our onsite shop and Khun Oh, the idea materialized after Khun Oh looked at our example, did a quick design on paper, and then quickly went to the production stage.

Custom Made iPad wheeled-cart
The front doors are lockable and the ventilation holes on the sides and back should hopefully create a secure charging area.
Custom Made iPad wheeled-cart (back)

iPad cart complete

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Nov 04

New Tools, New Ways of Learning

I believe that in some cases, I was guilty of doing the same thing, just in new ways.  Instead of using a tape recorder, I was using a digital audio recorder on the computer.  Instead of using the overhead projector, I was using the document camera. However, the document camera does allow me to recognize exemplary student work.  It also is good for using real student work to discover and correct common mistakes.

Taking students to a new level of learning is a concept that is now much more in forefront of my thinking now

With the use of iPads to help practice writing in hiragana, katakana, and kanji, it is now more apparent that the programs used are geared towards lower level thinking skills.  Therefore, it is important to further investigate how other apps (iMovie, Popplet, ReplayNote, etc.) can be be utilized for students to and apply their language skills.

On the team level, my colleagues and I are now using Google Documents to take collaboration to a new level.  Working on the same document at the same time saves time, gets everyone involved, and allows everyone an equal voice.   This is new learning for our group and it has worked well in the case of taking meeting notes and getting member feedback.  Team members can give timely feedback that is shared back to the entire group almost immediately after a meeting.  It is open and honest communication and collaboration.  There is not the need for one person to collect, sort, and then combine it into a single document to be later circulated to the group.  Collaboration is made easier and the process is accelerated with Google Documents.






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Nov 02

Course 1 Recap

Where are you now?


  • I am much more comfortable using the tools that are out there.  It is really difficult, however,  knowing how much I really do not know about technology.


  • While becoming easier, Blogging is still a challenge.


  • I feel that my PLN has developed nicely and I am benefitting from the stream of great tidbits that come from my Twitter feed.


  • Blogs are a great resource to draw upon and I believe that I am making connections many connections across the globe.


Has creating your final project make you look at technology and its role any differently in your classroom?


Creating the project helped me to work through the process of integrating technology in my lesson planning.  Because we share the technology within a department of six teachers, coordination and communication is key with using the technology.  Timing is a key issue since IT is hardware dependent.  If there is no iPad 2 to record video, then how can you do a similar function using a digital camera?  Once a video is created, how will the students access it if it is no longer on the iPad?  This is the challenging piece for where the vision and reality are in sync or out of sync.


Where do you go from here?


  •    In the future, I would like to continue to refine my understanding of the standards and continue to enfold the IT tools that I have learned about during this course into the current curriculum.

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Sep 14

How my thoughts on use of IT in the classroom are evolving…

In the article, Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age, George Siemens writes a conclusion about the skills needed for the future.  The conclusion is as follows:

The pipe is more important than the content within the pipe. Our ability to learn what we need for tomorrow is more important than what we know today. A real challenge for any learning theory is to actuate known knowledge at the point of application. When knowledge, however, is needed, but not known, the ability to plug into sources to meet the requirements becomes a vital skill. As knowledge continues to grow and evolve, access to what is needed is more important than what the learner currently possesses

The role of the educator has evolved into the person able to teach students how to skillfully access knowledge at the right times.  Building of the “pipe” is an essential skill that allows for the acquisition of content within the pipe.  I have enjoyed using Twitter to connect to various groups to find out information related to Japanese language and culture and teaching and learning.  The Reader set-up is another way of setting up a new pipeline and routing different feeds my way.  While I may be challenged to read up on and take in all the additional input, there has definitely been some interesting leads that have branched off to other ideas and thinking regarding my practice.

The blog, Twitter account, Delicious account, etc. have been ways to make use of the newly acquired information.  The tools also allow me to better organize the links and information.  The blog has been a good way to put items in a centra

Making connections

l location for easier access at a later date.

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