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Mar 16

My Blog-Let’s Kick it Up a Notch

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Jan 28

Winding Down with Course 2: Keeping it Simple—Acceptable Use Agreement (KIS-AUA)

Long Keyboard by Daryl Imanishi Some rights reserved

For this project, our group consisted of Naho Kikuchi, Carl Knudsen, Jamie Richard, and me.  We represented the elementary school and middle school and we decided on creating an acceptable use agreement/poster that could be used across divisions (elementary school, middle school, and high school).

Some rights reserved Kim Cofino

In the early stages of the project, we sought out the documents and resources that were already being used throughout the school.  We discovered that there was a range of detail and format provided across the divisions.  We found that two posters (one directed towards middle school students and the care of their laptops, the other was directed towards general use of technology), and a different user agreement targeted at each division were currently being used.


While we were initially thinking of the modifying the current acceptable use agreement for the elementary school and creating a more kid-friendly version focused on students in the lower grade levels, we eventually broadened our focus to encompass all grade levels.

Some of the questions that our group encountered were…

What were the common core elements?

We asked ourselves, “What are the main points that we need to focus on for this poster?”  “What areas will keep students headed towards creating positive digital profiles and making positive contributions to the online world?”

We narrowed the big ideas to four–respect, responsibility, safety, and honesty

  • How can we keep the language positive?
    • We wanted to focus the students on their goal, not on what we didn’t want them to do.
    • How can we keep it simple?
      • Being selective with the ording.
      • We eventually kept it to one statement per category

ASIJ Acceptable Use Agreement Some rights reserved

ASIJ Acceptable Use Agreement Video






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