Mar 16

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My Blog-Let’s Kick it Up a Notch

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  1. Avatar of Daryl_i

    Thanks for the suggestions, Kim! I think the Flickr widget is a better fit now. I now can look at HTML with a little less apprehension. :)

    With this new theme especially, I think I have clicked one too many boxes in settings. I think I have now clicked the “right” box and re-opened the blog for comments from all…

  2. Avatar of Kim Cofino
    Kim Cofino

    Awesome! Your blog looks fantastic Daryl! I love your personalized header – and that you enhanced it to represent a concept, not just a specific city. Two minor thoughts:

    1. I had to log in to post this comment – this means that only people with coetail.asia blogs can leave a comment here – maybe you want to open that up for anyone? If you’re not sure how, let me know and I can help :)

    2. I notice that your Flickr widget is actually larger than the sidebar – did you know you can resize those in the HTML so that you can fit it perfectly. I would guess that your sidebar is about 180 pixels wide.

    Well done!

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