Daily Archive: November 2, 2011

Nov 02

Course 1 Recap

Where are you now?


  • I am much more comfortable using the tools that are out there.  It is really difficult, however,  knowing how much I really do not know about technology.


  • While becoming easier, Blogging is still a challenge.


  • I feel that my PLN has developed nicely and I am benefitting from the stream of great tidbits that come from my Twitter feed.


  • Blogs are a great resource to draw upon and I believe that I am making connections many connections across the globe.


Has creating your final project make you look at technology and its role any differently in your classroom?


Creating the project helped me to work through the process of integrating technology in my lesson planning.  Because we share the technology within a department of six teachers, coordination and communication is key with using the technology.  Timing is a key issue since IT is hardware dependent.  If there is no iPad 2 to record video, then how can you do a similar function using a digital camera?  Once a video is created, how will the students access it if it is no longer on the iPad?  This is the challenging piece for where the vision and reality are in sync or out of sync.


Where do you go from here?


  •    In the future, I would like to continue to refine my understanding of the standards and continue to enfold the IT tools that I have learned about during this course into the current curriculum.

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