Zen Presentation

zen presentation


In 1st grade we have been working on writing realistic fiction stories. We have drafted some stories.  I used this presentation as a tool for the students to edit their stories.  As teachers one thinks the need of sharing a lot of ideas visually, and sometimes one wonders if one is over stimulating kids these days.  After the readings one has tried to keep the presentation simple, stimulating and effective.

Watching the zen presentation by Matt Helmke and Gar Reynolds principles of simplicity , influenced my creation of my zen presentation.


Also after reading the article on  “From design to meaning: a whole new way of presenting”I liked the way Daniel Pink has outlined the six fundamental aptitudes. Read the following article to learn more.


After presenting to my colleagues, which I was not prepared for, I presented the same presentation to my 1st grade class. ( As I was prepared, I looked less at my presentation (Thanks for the feedback) and delivered it with more eye contact with the students) I added more student participation which made it more effective.  They enjoyed discovering and sharing their ideas along with the support of my presentation.

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