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Learning 2.013-What Now?
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I have had time to think, lots of time, sitting on airports and planes on my way back from Singapore to Addis Ababa. After 3 days of intense, intentional and purposeful discussion ...

Computing 101

Transforming Curriculum
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Curriculum design is never an easy process. It requires much discussion, collaboration within and across grade levels, and constant review along the way towards a package that ende...

Technology Integration

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    The Slow “Boat” to Technology Integration

    Technology integration in my mind makes sense. Curriculum, individual units and lessons should be infused with technology to provide a foundation from which teachers and students c...

  • The Laptop Trolley
    Tech Integration- The African Way

    This blog began life as a test. You see, I needed to check why my new blog theme was not working the way I thought it should, based on the theme layout. So I created this title as ...

Coetail 1

Course 1: Final Project: Transitions in Society-Africa
Course 1: Final Project: Transitions in Society-Africa

the Backdrop: The assignment for the final project in course 1 and the blog associated with the lesson plan created the perfect opportunity to employ and practice as many of the ...

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Coetail 2

Policies, Permissions, and Procedures- A Walk Down the AUP Lane!
Policies, Permissions, and Procedures- A Walk Down the AUP Lane!

Acceptable Use Agreements (AUP) related to technology use in schools can be seen as a dime a dozen?  So common place, that they have little value…UNLESS…we begin to view the i...

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Coetail 3
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The remix culture is here to stay. No amount of legislation is going to be able to gag this phenomenon of the digital age. And I believe that it is extremely prevalent in the world...

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Coetail 4

The Final Countdown
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This is it! COETAIL Course 4 squared away. Yet, in the big picture this is still only the beginning. My journey will continue from here, like ever widening ripples in a pond. Each ...

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Coetail 5

Coetail 5-The Final Cut
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Classroom’s a mess. Computers and papers languish on desks like sentinels, guarding the excitement that permeated this learning space for the past few weeks. Students scurry ...

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