The article Bloom’s Taxonomy Blooms Digitally was really helpful in explaining how Bloom’s Taxonomy can be linked to technology.  It is so easy to often overlook things that demonstrate knowledge because they are taken for granted. So much of what the students do every day is listed here, and now I can see clearly all the ways these actions reflect their thinking processes. For example, I wouldn’t have thought to include bullet pointing. As I read it, I thought of course it’s a way of remembering, but it is also a way for them to organize their information into a format that allows them to easily see what they know. I have noticed my students will often ask if they can use bullet points, as opposed to complete sentences. There are plenty of instances where this appropriate. I do wish the format of the article was easier to follow, the order of some of the information seemed strange, but once the taxonomy map started it was fine.  I will surely pull this out when I am planning a unit.