Paul Revere

Every other year our middle school students work on biography writing. This year we had an opportunity to start our biography project with a visiting author, Mary Dodson Wade. She is known for writing many biographies on persons of importance in U.S. and Texas history.

My colleague and I created a project based around her visit. The students will research a person of note from the Revolutionary War era for a target audience of grades Kindergarten through Second. The students will use the Big6 research model to organize their research and compose draft biographies using Mary Dodson Wade’s biography of Wilma Rudolph as a model. Mrs. Wade has agreed to read the student’s drafts and make comments and suggestions for them. Once the biographies are complete the students will create a presentation using a digital tool of their choice. And finally, the projects will be shared online, with the K-2 students, and with the middle school students from our sister school.



Links to documents:

Biography Project

Assignment Sheet

Peer Evaluation

5/6 Rubric

7/8 Rubric